il Calice di Venezia


Il Calice has been a family owned restaurant for over 45 years.
During this time it has been the home of two generations of restaurateurs and has undergone several transformations.
In the 1970s it was a bar with a small kitchen, then it became an elegant restaurant and now has evolved into a modern bistro that still offers typical traditional Venetian dishes.
During these decades, its evolution was dictated also by the thousands of people who honoured us with their presence, from breakfast in the morning to aperitifs in the typical Venetian evening shadows, as well as romantic dinners organised especially for our clients.

Today Il Calice is an environment that adapts to the different needs of customers, from families travelling with young children to workers who are looking for a place to eat quickly, and find a little “home” in a restaurant such as ours.

Our service aims to make our customers’ stay comfortable, trying to put them at ease by giving them an experience they will always remember, our Venice.”



Minimal decor and warm to best accommodate our customers that they are travelers or residents.